How To Pass Zenith Bank Aptitude Test With Ease

How To Pass Zenith Bank Aptitude Test With Ease

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Zenith Bank Aptitude Test is not so difficult,  but you will need to be very fast to answer enough questions before your time elapses. I know this because I have written Zenith Bank aptitude test in the past. I wrote the exam in July 2019, so you should know I am updated on the test format. 

To be reading this, I am assuming you have been invited for the Zenith  Bank Aptitude Test or hope to e invited soon. Good you are preparing because passing the aptitude test is the most important thing to get an offer with Zenith Bank. Did you just ask if they conduct interview, yes they do, but your chance of getting an offer after you pass the aptitude test is 80%. So you should take the aptitude test serious. You are taking it serious to be reading this and you’ll  not need to read any article when you’re done reading this. So get a drink and enjoy. 

In this article, I will be sharing with you tips on how to excel at the Zenith Bank Aptitude Test. Also, I will tell you about the nature of the offer if you are fortunate to do well in the test. 

Zenith Bank Graduate Trainee or Graduate Assistant Program

In other banks, new intakes are usually referred to as Graduate Trainee, but at Zenith Bank they are called Graduate Assistant. That is the entry route for people with little to no experience to work at Zenith Bank. 

I need to let you know it is a contract offer for two years, but the pay is reasonable. The recruitment is being managed by PeoplePlus Management Services. You will be paid 100k net monthly and if you get to do well you will be converted to a permanent staff (Executive Trainee) after the second year and your pay will improve. 

For those who have certifications like ACA, ACCA, CFA etc, you will be considered for executive trainee from the start without waiting for two years. Did just say it’s not fair because you don’t have these certifications. It’s  fair, but not totally. It’s because these guys who have these certifications studied hard and paid so much for it. 

Zenith Bank Aptitude Test Format 

The Zenith Bank Aptitude Test is an advanced GMAT test with some additions. The test is in three parts: numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning. The exam is CBT. You’ll be served 80 questions to be completed in 60 minutes. Yes, you have 45 seconds to answer each question.

Let me give you a cheat, the abstract reasoning is supposed to be the easiest for many, but you only get to see it towards the end if you are fast. It’s the questions 61 to 80.

But don’t worry I have a material that contains the exact abstract questions, just comment that you need the Zenith Bank Aptitude Test pack and I will send it to you.

The numerical reasoning contains basic, but logical quantitative questions. 

The verbal reasoning is not different from many standard aptitude tests. 

The logical reasoning basically tests your ability to identify patterns. 

With a good material to prepare, you should be able to pass the test without difficulty. 

If you need the Zenith Bank Aptitude Test past questions, you can let me know in the comment. 

All the best. 

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