See this WhatsApp Platform Where Lives are Being Influenced Positively

See this WhatsApp Platform Where Lives are Being Influenced Positively

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Millions of people are using their phones to just engage in social media life without adding any value to their personal lives.

That is the belief of Saeed Muhammed Lawan, the creator of a Library group on WhatsApp, Mind Blowing Network.

The MBN WhatsApp group is a platform where you can order for ebooks for free without infringing on copyright policy.

He had established the group in 2017, but it failed to function well. He is here in 2019 to take the edtech world by storm.

Speaking on his motivation, Saeed said: “Well, millions of people are using their phones to function on social media but people are wasting their days spreading things that are not supposed to be spread e.g pornography, indecent posts and most of our youth have not mastered the fine art of communication. So, to tackle the problem, I decided to create a platform that will provide ebooks for people to read and invest in their selves. It will help people especially youth to know their values and minimize their time on social media and make good use of it. The motivation is I want to see my people live in a productive society. To do that, I have to take action myself.”

While the platform presently operates on a WhatsApp group, Saeed has plans to grow his platform beyond the sphere of just being a WhatsApp group.

He had this to say on his plans to grow beyond just being a WhatsApp group: “I do have plan to go beyond WhatsApp. I want to dominate other social media platforms to reach out to more people and give them books for free to read.
I also want to start visiting secondary schools to give books to best students, mentor them and teach them the fine art of writing essays. Because beside reading I also want the next generation to be the generation of Writers.”

Saeed who is also working on his first book plans to generate fund for the organization via the sales of the book.

“Presently, I’m working on my first book which I think will be our first source of funds and I’m designing a course which I’ll start selling to our members. Through the course, they will invest in their selves which will also be our source of fund. And then, we will reach out to organizations who are ready leave a positive footprints in the hearts of everyone by contributing to MBN.”, he said.

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