See how this Delhi-based edtech startup is helping students from Bharat

See how this Delhi-based edtech startup is helping students from Bharat

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ixamBee, an edtech startup established by two bankers and a tech expert offers learning material and mock tests for 55 competitive exams. The startup, which claims 800,000 registered users, aims to reach five million users by 2021.

According to reports, over 70 million students appear for competitive exams in India every year. Majority of these students are from villages and small towns, and have just an aim of cracking a government job. The Delhi-based edtech startup ixamBee helps them do just that.

The startup which started in 2017 is an edtech platform that creates learning material designed for students living in rural and semi-urban areas of India. It makes use of text, audiovisual to create mock tests for 55 different exams.

Chandraprakash Joshi, CEO and Co-founder of ixamBee who is also a former banker said, “No platform is offering free mock tests currently.”

According to a KPMG Google report published in 2017, the online education market will be worth $1.96 billion by 2021. But Chandraprakash thinks that number will go up.

“Considering the revenue of existing players like Unacademy, BYJU’S, Toppr, upGrad, Vedantu, etc., the market seems to be growing much larger. The test prep market for government jobs seems to be close to $3 billion in India, with over 50 million aspirants,” he continued.

Before the establishment of the edtech startup, Chandraprakash saw a huge business opportunity in edtech as a gigantic number of students in India live outside big cities.

“Having done my schooling from a rural area and given competitive exams, I could empathise with the plight of rural students who did not have access to quality education and career guidance,” he explained.

He later went ahead to meet with a former banker, Arunima Sinha, an ex-banker who was running Stratagem, a coaching institute in Dehradun for competitive exams since 2010.

Sandeep was the missing piece in their jigsaw. Sandeep Singh is a tech-savvy individual who was running an ecommerce startup with concentration to baby product. It was a blessing in disguise for Sandeep as his startup didn’t work out.

“We realised that we three bring complementary skills – Arunima is a passionate teacher, Sandeep a tech wiz, and I offer business development and senior leadership work experience. We met in September 2016 and incorporated ixamBee in December 2016. The website was launched in April 2017 with a seed capital of Rs 80 lakh,” Chandraprakash said.

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