Professional Bodies In Nigeria And Their Websites

Professional Bodies In Nigeria And Their Websites

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Professional bodies in Nigeria are numerous. I have compiled a comprehensive list of profession bodies in Nigeria and their websites to enhance easy reference and reach.

Many professions today have professional bodies in Nigeria. Professions like agriculture, accounting, banking, engineering, medicine, surveyor etc.

Reasons Why You Should Join A Professional Body

Many of these professional bodies conduct short courses and award professional certificate.

These certificates are highly recognized by employers and give holders edge during the recruitment process.

For instance, someone who is a chartered member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) is venerated in the accounting profession.

Similarly, someone who is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) is respected in the Human Resources Management profession.

Professional bodies help to advance your career and open up more opportunities allowing you to get to the peak of your career. Imagine not chartered as an accountant, it will be very difficult to get to the acme of the accounting profession.

You can visit the website of the professional bodies in Nigeria that are related to your profession and learn how to become a member. It is really good to be affiliated with the professional bodies in ones discipline. There are myriads of benefits that can be enjoyed by being a member.

You can as well learn about other professional bodies in Nigeria by visiting their websites listed below.

Professional Bodies In Nigeria And Their Functions

There are numerous benefits derived by members of professional bodies in Nigeria.

I have listed some below:

  1. They set the ethical standards and the standard of professional conducts for members. In addition, they determine benchmarks and best practices.
  2. Professional bodies in Nigeria administer certification examinations to members.
  3. They organize workshops, training and seminars to enlighten members on new developments in the discipline.

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Though I tried to make the list exhaustive, some professional bodies in Nigeria may still not be listed.

Comment below if you know any professional body not listed above. Kindly help us in our quest to compile a comprehensive list of professional bodies in Nigeria.

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