PlayShifu raises $7 million to bring AR to every classroom

PlayShifu raises $7 million to bring AR to every classroom

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PlayShifu an edtech startup has raised $7 million to bring augmented reality experiences for kids to foster, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning.

PlayShifu has plans to use the money for what they refer to as “phygital”. A construction that comprises physical and digital. In essence, Playshifu aims to improve interaction, update current products and more than double its global retail footprint.

PlayShifu which is based in Bangalore, India has raised a total of $8.5 million to date.

“We are extremely excited to have investors onboard who are highly focused on consumer tech, in our journey to make early learning fun and accessible to children around the world,” The CEO, Vivek Goyal said.

“We have an exhaustive product pipeline, an incessantly creative and passionate team of innovators, and now, the right partners to make an extremely positive impact on the educational foundations of generations to come,” the CEO continued.

PlayShifu’s first flagship product, Shifu Orboot, is an AR-based globe that promises kids adventures around the world. According to the company, its user base has crossed 100,000 kids in the U.S. alone. While the best of kids’ apps and toys on the market retain approximately 8% of kids after the first month, Orboot could boast of more than 40% retention in the second month.

Months after the production of Orboot, teachers and technology integrators from 28 different states in the U.S. discovered PlayShifu and began to adopt the products in their iPad-enabled classrooms.

PlayShifu says that today more than 65% of teachers use Orboot every week in their classes.

The award winning edtech startup has also stated that Orboot 2.0 which is launching soon comes with great features: student profiles and progress tracking, teachers’ portal, and detailed lesson plans. PlayShifu plans to make it into 2000 schools in 2019.

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