How to Pass SHL Test with Ease

How to Pass SHL Test with Ease

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SHL test is no doubt one of the most convoluted tests around the globe. It is one of the most used test formats around the world. SHL test is used by top firms in their quest to select the best candidates among pool of applicants. The test is usually used for entry level and associate roles to measure candidate’s abilities relative to others applying for the same job. So for people who follow recruitment, it is no news that only few people scale through the test.  

I will like to note that those that failed the SHL test are not mediocre. The reason for their failure is simply lack of strategy and that is why I always recommend to people who are determined to pass the test to practise SHL test on JobPrepTest. Overtime, it appears you have to practise several questions under timed condition to pass this aptitude test.

I used to share a lot of external materials, links to videos and google drive materials for free to help prospective SHL aptitude test takers prepare, but I can’t keep up with that again. Even if you are able to get these materials, it cannot compared with practicing numerous questions under timed condition on JobTestPrep website.

There is a free test on JobPrepTest that gives you access to 46 questions spanning numerical, verbal, inductive and deductive. You’ll even get a predicted score and can review your answer after the test. But if you are serious about landing the job, I will advice you get premium pack so you can have access to 1000s more questions that can help you simulate the actual SHL test and ace it.

Like I mentioned, SHL test is used by top firms to screen candidates. These firms use SHL test to reduce the number of candidates that get to the interview stage. It would be excruciating to interview thousands of applicants, so, hiring managers employ aptitude tests such as SHL test to reduce the number of candidates they eventually interview. Other aptitude tests employed are Kenexa, Talent Q, Saville and Cubiks.

Companies That Use SHL Tests

The SHL test is used by companies across industries. Many top companies require that their prospective employees pass one or more SHL tests before interviewing with the HR. Some of the companies that use SHL tests are listed below:

SHL test is often conducted electronically in the first instance for most firms. Candidates write the test without having to leave their homes. After applying for a job that requires SHL test, candidates receive a link via their email to complete the test. Candidates are usually given limited time to complete the test. So, you need to be super-fast to pass the SHL test and that is why you have to practise many SHL test questions under timed condition. Your best bet will be to practise using SHL practice test by JobTestPrep which simulates the actual test and give you access to 1000s of SHL test questions.

In order to mitigate cheating and ensure a fair process, a second test is usually conducted and supervised to confirm candidates’ initial performances. This is to confirm if the candidate truly passed the test himself without seeking help from others. Note that some firms only conduct the test once which is usually written at the company or a designated examination center.

Most candidates who qualify to write SHL test are usually smart individuals. Companies use SHL test to examine other abilities which educational qualification rarely shows. A firm who is looking to employ candidates who can work under pressure and still be productive uses this test.


SHL tests offer different kinds of tests. The common ones are:

  • SHL numerical test“>SHL Numerical Reasoning Test
  • SHL verbal reasoning test“>SHL Verbal Reasoning Test
  • SHL Diagrammatic Test
  • SHL Inductive Reasoning Test
  • SHL Spatial Awareness
  • Mechanical Comprehension
  • Situational Judgment Test
  • And many more

SHL test cannot really be likened to a particular test. The closest test in my view is the GRE and GMAT.


There are five tips that are pertinent if you want to pass SHL tests:

  • Take lots of practice test before the real test
  • Be fast as much as you can
  • Take the test in a serene environment
  • Make sure you are with writing materials
  • Ensure to take breaks between the different SHL tests


Like I stated above, the key to pass SHL test is by taking lots of practice tests. You need preparation to familiarize yourself with the test and increase the speed at which you solve questions.

I have lots of SHL test past questions I am willing to share for free. If you need it, do inform me via the comment box below. I will be glad to send it to your email immediately I get your comment.

In addition to the materials I will be sending to you for free, you can make use of GRE materials if you have enough time. I have lots of GRE resources I used while preparing, just request for it and I will send it to you for free. Adequate preparation doesn’t hurt.

To do well in the SHL numerical reasoning test, ensure your preparation covers topics like:

  • Ratios
  • Percentages
  • Inflation Rates
  • Graphs or Data Interpretation
  • Balance Sheets


If you frequently read commercial newspapers and articles, SHL numerical reasoning test should be a walk in the park for you.

Don’t worry if you are not used to reading commercial newspapers. I have SHL test materials I am willing to give you for free. Just indicate interest via the comment box and I will send it to your email immediately. I am simply concerned about adding values to my readers.

You can still use the few days to your test to read business and commercial newspapers to get familiarized with the verbal test.

Well, I think reading newspapers is something one should do even without test. You don’t just read it for the fun, you should be able to get the thesis of the article.

Let me test you, what is the thesis of this article? I mean what have you learnt about preparing for the SHL test? I really want to hear from you in the comment.

Many people often ask me the best and stand-alone material to prepare for the SHL aptitude test and I refer them to JobTestPrep.

I wish you best of luck as you write your SHL test.

Please inform me about the company you are about to write their test via the comment box. I could offer specific tips about them.

Good luck.

Help Others By Sharing This Article

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