How To Make Money As A Student: 10 Legitimate Ways

How To Make Money As A Student: 10 Legitimate Ways

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Today I am going to take you through ten (10) legitimate ways to make money as a student. Recently, I have received several emails from students asking me how to make money the legal way. Yes, there are ways to make money while studying. I will like to note that this guide is not restricted to students alone. Graduates who are unemployed and employed can learn to make money working part time or full time using this guide.

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How to Make Money From Home

Because this money making guide is particularly targeted to students, I will be sharing tips on how to make money from the comfort of your home or hostel. Don’t be surprised, there are many ways to make money without leaving the comfort of your hostel. All you will be need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection.

The tips I will be sharing is not just to make passive income, you can make an active income full time from it and be financially free. As a student, you can make long-term income from the business beyond your college year. As a graduate, you can make money working full time and be your own boss. As a working-class professional, you can make money part time using these tips and subsequently quit your job to work full time.

10 Legitimate Ways To Make Money As A Student

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to make money as à student. You can freelance to make money either passively or actively depending on your needs. Freelance professionals are demanded in many fields such as writing, Web design, graphic design, translation, video production and other fields that allow pièce work.

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As a student, the easiest freelance job you can get is writing. Your writing skill doesn’t have to be topnotch to get freelance writing jobs. You just have to understand the basics of writing and make sure you write original content and not copy piece. If you are good at making website or graphics, you can also make money from that too. Freelance web and graphic designers are in high demand but not demanded as much as freelance writers.

  1. Photography

Photography is a great way to make money as a student. During my undergraduate days, I know students who self-sponsored their education working as a photographer on campus. You can make money taking passport photograph for students who want to do registration. Also, you can cover events such as wedding on weekends and make money. All you need to start a photography business and start making money is a camera. You can always save or borrow funds to buy a camera.

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  1. Clothes, pieces of jewelry and shoes

Are you are concerned about where to get money to start this business? Don’t worry; you need just a small amount of money to start this business. To get the product, you can choose to buy either online or offline. You can buy from Rosewhosale, Rosegal and many other websites that sell cheap products online. Try to target websites that have free shipping in order to spend less and make a good profit.

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  1. Tutorial

Making money from tutorials could be dependent on your academic ability. This is particularly for students who are very intelligent and confident to stand in front of the crowd. You can always start a tutorial center and employ other intelligent students to assist you. In the case where it is not easy establishing one, approach the owner of a tutorial and express your interest to assist in taking certain courses in return for money. Beyond money making, tutorial taking helps you build your oratory skills and confidence.

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  1. Typing

Typing is another great way to make money especially in schools where many students do not have a personal computer. There are myriads of assignments and projects handwritten by students and needs to be typed. Approach these students to help them type their assignments and projects at a low service charge compared to the business centers in your school. Don’t worry; it is not so hard to get customers. Create a short post and broadcast it on social media, inform class representatives about your services and you would be astonished by the feedback.

  1. Sell used textbooks

Selling used textbooks is another great way to make money while helping some students. Yes, you are helping them get access to textbooks that would otherwise cost them a fortune. You can buy these used textbooks from book merchants who sell used textbooks or students that are now at a new level and do not require the textbooks anymore. I particularly suggest buying it from students so as to get a fair deal. However, there are instances where you would need to supply certain copies of a book and might not be able to get it from students. Then, you turn to book merchants.

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  1. Work at the school cafeteria

Working at the school cafeteria or restaurant can be time-consuming, but it’s, however, a way to make money as a student. You just have to reach an agreement with the owner so it doesn’t hamper your studies. You can always request to work part-time on weekdays and then work full-time on weekends.

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  1. Work as a research assistant

You can make money working as a research assistant helping professor source and sort papers. In the case where you don’t get employed by a professor, you can always meet a senior undergraduate or a graduate student trying to complete a project or thesis. Your assistance will usually be required if the student is carrying out a study that involves survey or experiment. In addition, you can earn online by completing a survey on a site like Survey Junkie. Yes, you earn money by completing the survey you would otherwise have answered for free offline.

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  1. Blogging

Blogging is another great way to make money from your passion just like I am doing. It is very easy to start a blog, but being consistent is the key to blogging. To start a blog, three things are core. Firstly, you choose your blogging platform whether WordPress or blogger. Secondly, you buy a domain name and pay for hosting. Thirdly, choose a niche: create a blog with a purpose and solve a problem.

If you are lucky to create a successful blog, you might not need to start going around looking for a job after graduation. People earn as high as $13000 from blogging each month, you can too. After floating your blog, you can earn from Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and many more.

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  1. Learn to make cake

Learn how to make a cake and be surprised at how much you would make weekly. You can always get a friend to teach you or register for an online course in cake making. There are always one or two students who want to make a cake each week for a birthday. If you are good at cake baking, you are on your way to financial freedom as a student.

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If you know any business students can do to make money on campus please use the comment box to educate me and other readers. I am looking forward to reading your comments. Thanks.

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If you have problems starting any of the above businesses, use the comment box and I will be glad to help you whatever way I can.

Good luck on your way to financial freedom as a student.



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