KPMG Business Awareness Test

KPMG Business Awareness Test

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KPMG Business Awareness Test

Congratulations on passing the KPMG aptitude test. You did a great job by separating yourself from the boys and girls. The next step is the KPMG business awareness test.

KPMG recruitment process is long and doesn’t ends after passing the aptitude test. More challenges lie ahead. However, with the right information, you should scale through.

If you are expecting me to tell you the exact questions to expect, then I might fail you this time.

KPMG business awareness test is a psychometric test conducted by Cubiks. It’s a behavioural test. Though there are really no right answers in behavioural tests, yet some candidates would be considered unsuccessful after the test. This is because the companies who use psychometrics test are looking for certain traits in applicants.

Naturally you will pass the KPMG business awareness test if you have the traits KPMG are looking for in candidates.

The question then is “What if I don’t have those traits?” There is a way out. You can feign those traits.

This question then is “How do I pass KPMG business awareness test if I don’t have those traits they seek?”

KPMG Business Awareness Test By Cubiks

You probably must have been sent a link to take the KPMG business awareness test. It’s conducted by Cubiks, but it doesn’t make it less KPMG.

Begin by reading the KPMG core values because the test is centered around it.

The KPMGs’ core values are as follows:

  • We lead by example
  • We work together
  • We respect the individual
  • We see the facts and provide insight
  • We are open and honest in our communication
  • We are committed to our communities
  • Above all, we act with integrity

Click here to read more about the KPMGs Core Values.

You answers really need to show that you can make an impact.

One of KPMG’s core values is “we act with integrity” so you really need to portray probity in your answers.

The core value “we work together” is just trying to stress the need to be a team player. So show that you can really work in a team while answering your questions.

I can go on and on to explain this, but I don’t have the strength. I’ll try to update this soon for posterity.

KPMG Nigeria Business Awareness Test

In summary:
Understand KPMG’s core values to know the value they emphasize. More than 50% of the questions are based on the company’s core values. So, read it very well.
The job you applied for matters too. The questions might come in a way to access your ability to perform on the job. So, be smart. However, to displace the core values irrespective.

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