Discovering The KEYS To Success On Campus

Discovering The KEYS To Success On Campus

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The reason why majority remained on the lower pedestal of success is that they could not discover the key to success. Many atimes, students get discouraged, dejected and disappointed in themselves because the altitude and ladder to success is a bit higher than they could withstand, thereby submitting to be at a constant point of at least I am just bad not worst. Your submit determines your summit. You can change that story of yours today by going through this article as it aims to serve as an eye opener to discover the Keys to success and a catapult to the acme of your career.

Merriam Webster defined Campus as a university, college, or school viewed as an academic, social, or spiritual entity.

A key is a metal instrument that serves as a means of gaining or preventing entrance,  possession, or control. It is an instrumental or deciding factor, something that gives an explanation or Identification or provides a solution (2018 Merriam-Webster, Inc.).

The keys to success can be defined in a vertical form below

  • K- Know Yourself
  • E- Examine yourself daily
  • Y- Yield not to be a mediocre
  • S- See yourself as a champion

Know yourself

In order to succeed on campus the first key to success is to know yourself, discover your strengths and weaknesses and focus more on your weaknesses because you can always make up for your strengths.

Examine yourself daily

Take time to daily examine yourself for at least two hours a day, that will enable you to discover your leading and lagging areas.

Yield not to be a mediocre

A mediocre is an average student who has no particularly outstanding features he/she will always submit to pass a course and not to excel in a course of study. Even when it seems challenging to achieve encourage yourself with the words of Napoleon Hill “You have to allow a challenge to shape you, embrace them, accept them” for every obstacle and failure carries with it the seed of equivalent benefit or advantage.

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See yourself as a champion

Do not be overwhelmed by a demanding course so to speak (as many students will call it difficult course but I tag it demanding course) even when all seems not to work out well, see yourself as a champion. “Defeat doesn’t finish a man quit does. A man is not finished when he is defeated, He’s finished when he quit” Ricard M. Nixon. Never quit, never say I cannot, stand up, take up the challenge and say I am a champion, I will not quit and I will not be defeated.

“Many of life’s failure are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up” Thomas Edison.

Moreover, the Keys to success can as well take the form below

  • K- Keep yourself in company of intellectuals
  • E- Envelope yourself in updated materials related to your course of study
  • Y- Yawn to Succeed
  • S- Sacrifice

Keep yourself in company of intellectuals

The company you keep goes a long way to shape, mold and define your altitude. The friends you walk with define you. Dr. Chris Ehinomem said “Birds of identical Pilgrimage conglomerate at the same proximity” keep company with the intellectuals to fly higher.

Envelope yourself in updated materials related to your course of study

It is a mere joke to say you want to be at the peak of your career without relevant and updated materials to study. Always go an extra mile it gives an additional knowledge.

Yawn to succeed

You are created to succeed and not to fail. Never admit to being a failure but remember that making it in life is not by mere profession(A declaration of belief, faith or of one’s opinion) but putting it into action. A positive decision is the panacea to a problematic course.


Anything worthwhile creating and achieving takes time, sacrifice and effort and each fruit needs time to ripe. You have to sacrifice your totality if truly you want to succeed. Hard work is the panacea to hopelessness. With sacrifice, you get hold of the key to success with ease.

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Dale Carnegie said, “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all”.

All in all,  you have now discovered the KEYS to success, you need to BEAT the race.

  • B- Believe in yourself that you can make it
  • E- Encourage yourself that you can make it
  • A- Activate yourself to make it
  • T- Train yourself to make it.

Dear reader, Discovering the Keys to success is necessary but not sufficient, putting it into action is the sufficiency therein.

I hope you find this article helpful if Yes put in an action forthwith and share with colleagues.

You now have the key to success. I will see you at the top.

Author: Babatope Agbeyo

Key To SuccessBabatope Agbeyo is one of the best Nigerian Students. He is currently a final year student at Federal University Oye Ekiti studying Economics and Development Studies. He is an academic achiever. He is fervid about helping others succeed in their academics.


Help Others By Sharing This Article

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