How to Cram for a Test: 7 Tips

How to Cram for a Test: 7 Tips

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So you want to cram for your test? I wouldn’t judge you because I’m oblivious of what you’re going through or went through that didn’t let you study at the apposite time. Perhaps, you are involved in school politics, an intern or you work to cater for your education.

Since you have left your study for the eleventh hour. I’m here to help you get a good score in your test nonetheless.

Below are 8 tips to help you cram effectively:

  • Study in a serene environment
  • Focus on important points
  • Write down important points as you study
  • Use flash cards
  • Take breaks
  • Sleep
  • Revise from your jotter and flashcards

1. Study in a serene environment

If you are serious about passing your test, you had better leave that thing that has kept you away from studying and concentrate at this last hour. The first step towards cramming effectively is to get a place devoid of noise and distractions. Be wary of getting too comfortable like studying on your bed.

Endeavour to study in a well illuminated area. Our body thinks it is time to hit the hay when we stay in a dark area for long.

Cut yourself from distractions by studying away from your buddy. In addition, switch off your phones and take away things you deem as distractions.

Now, you are ready to cram for your test.

2. Focus on important points

Since you have left your studying till the eleventh hour, you would do yourself harm than good by trying to study every details.

It is germane to prioritise when you’re studying at the last hour. Focus on the most important points worthy of being on the test. You should focus on the essential points since you’re circumscribed by time. For a mathematical subject, you should begin by learning important formula.

3. Write down important points as you study

You’ll probably be studying the material for the first or second time. So, don’t make the mistake of skimming or scanning through your note. Jot important points as you study. This will help you process the materials better.

You could read out loud the part you’re finding hard to memorize.

4. Use flash cards

Flash card is becoming an important study tool. Flash cards help to learn and recall information faster. You can integrate mnemonics that help compress list of say advantages or characteristics of a concept. For instance, if you learned that Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Austria are the four countries with the highest income tax rate. You could use a memory aid like DBAG to denote this.

5. Take breaks
Don’t forget to take breaks in between. Study without breaks could make you misconstrue information. Employ the 50/10 study method by studying for 50 minutes and taking 10 minutes break. Avoid using your phone during the breaks so you don’t get distracted.

6. Sleep

You don’t have to trade your health (sleep) because you have to study dense materials. Not sleeping could even hamper your ability to recall information. So, take some sleep. Don’t forget to set the alarm in order to revise before going to sleep.

7. Revise from your jotter and flashcards
It’s morning already and few hours to your test. Take your bath, eat and do some revisions. Don’t go back studying your note if you already made good jottings and flash cards. Revise your flash cards and jotter. If you follow the highlighted steps, you should perform well above average in your test.

Good luck.

Hey, try to find time to study irrespective of your schedule next time. That’s why you’re in school.

I wish you best of luck in your test.

Help Others By Sharing This Article

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