Five Nigerian Startups Selected to Pitch at Disrupt Africa’s Startup Summit Kigali, No EdTech Startups

Five Nigerian Startups Selected to Pitch at Disrupt Africa’s Startup Summit Kigali, No EdTech Startups

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From a pool of 100 applications across Africa, 11 startups were shortlisted from six African countries with five Nigerian startups making up the list of African startups.

The list of startups cut across edtech, fintech, proptech, agritech, recruitment and waste management.

It should be noted there are no edtech stratups in the list of Nigerian startups that will be pitching at Disrupt Africa’s Startup Summit.

The 11 startups will have the chance to pitch at the Africa Tech Summit Kigali, Rwanda, 5th–6th February, in the presence of more than 500 stakeholders in the tech startup space across the continent.

The five Nigerian startups to pitch at the tech summit are: HouseAfrica; OkwuEco; Limestart; Thank U Cash and Riby.

HouseAfrica: This startup will help Africans own shares in multiple properties, and make returns from house sales profit, sales appreciation and rental profits.

OkwuEco: This startup is a marketplace that enables users to trade their solid waste.

Limestart: Limestart aids financial inclusion for unbanked SMEs across Africa by helping them digitalize their financial books and handle their payments for them digitally.

Thank U Cash:  This is an online rewards platform that lets consumers save and earn loyalty points that can be exchanged for cash while merchants benefit from the extra spend.

Riby: Riby provides a simple and secured financial management platform that allows cooperatives, company groups, and individuals to manage their financial activities and savings.

Among the list of African startups to pitch, we have five Nigerians, two from Kenya – MarketForce, M-Lugha App; The Awareness Company from South Africa; BAG Innovation from Rwanda; M-omulimisa from Uganda and Talents Africa from Egypt.

It is expected that the startups will have the opportunity create impact connections with investors, corporate, stakeholders and startups. They could also secure funding from investors interested in their innovative solutions.

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