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There is nothing like a secret, there is only a method behind a thing you are not aware of; although, it is actually a secret to you because you are oblivious to it. Encarta Dictionaries describe the word first class as, best class: the highest rank, standard, or quality. Although, the word ‘first class’ has multi-functional usages which are used in relation to a particular phenomenon. In regards to this phenomenon, first class honours students are the special breed of students that perform exceptionally well throughout their academic lives.

Most students believe these students are from another world, born genius, or special creation of God. But, the fact remains: ‘you can also attain that feat.’ I decided to come up with this article not because I am a first class honours student; which in reality I am not. I lived with a first class honours graduate during my Pre-degree year, thus, I believe that is enough to convince you this article is coming from a potential first class hours student; I hope.

Some students are studying all day long, but they still do not get what they really want, which is a first; While in contrast, a first class student does not need a day to study before they get their ‘A’. It seems they are doing their things differently, so what are these personalities doing differently from you?

first class
First Class Honours Degree Certificate
  1.  They believe in themselves: The first thing every student wants is a first class, but what sets few students apart is the belief that they can achieve it. Every newly admitted student would all say they will achieve a first class honours degree but they are devoid of the belief it could actually happen. That is how most students fall short.


  1. They “make hay while the sun shines”: As soon as the new session commences, from their 100 level days to be precise, they start studying from day one. It sounds easy, but when you try this, you will realize it is not an easy task to start studying early. An economics first class graduate asserted that the secret of attaining a first class highly depends on how fast you can start studying. First class honours students do not wait 1 month before the exam to start studying.


  1.  Studying habits: They have their studying habits; do you have your own studying habit? This first class student had his habit, and the habit he implements is waking up at 4:00 am every day.  He adhered to this from his first year to his last year in the university and you know what? He is graduating as a first-class economist.
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Is she cramming?
  1. They cram: In a recent article on Educareful the writer confirmed that one of the things first class honours students do differently from average students’ crew is cramming. It is a must you cram if you want to achieve a first. I was gob-smacked when a first class student revealed to me he crams but in a smart way. No brilliant student can do without cramming. You need to understand the power of cramming. There is an article on Educareful here that could help you cram smart: Cramming: Are you doing it right?
  1. Source of motivation: They have their motivators or what motivates them; it might be a financially poor background, parent, or a friend that achieved that feat. Motivation gives them a reason to study, a reason to cram, a reason to learn, and a reason to believe in their ability. Motivation serves a great a purpose in any endeavor. They do not need their parents pressuring them to keep great grades because they were hard enough on themselves already.


  1. They teach because they want to learn: A First class student that is taking you tutorials also has a lot to gain from the tutoring. You do not need to pay him/her money before he/she benefits from the tutoring. He/she would study the topic before taking tutorials, he/she will use that period as a revision. It is a secret don’t tell anyone.

first class honours graduate teaching others

  1.  They do not correct lecturers: First class students recognize the superiority of their lecturers. A lecturer could make some mistakes while lecturing, whereby the mistakes aren’t obscure to these eggheads. But, a first-class student will never get up to correct the lecturer. The reason is that the lecturers might think he/she is showing off or trying to prove he/she is better than the lecturer. In resultant, the lecturer becomes vexed or intimidated by the student. First class students apply the first rule in Robert Green’s 48 laws of power which states that “Never Outshine the Master”; you also need to be submissive to your lecturers.
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  1. The Library is their best friend: Prove me wrong, do you have any first class student who doesn’t like going to the library, in short, they are mostly three squared (school, library and mosque/church) any other activities are not essential to their development.


  1. Self-development: They love developing in every area they are deficient in mostly to enhance their curriculum vitae. They speak really well, mathematically confident, they are current about histories. So, in the bid to do this, they will practice the usages of their vocabulary in presentations and essay writing. It makes them stand out among every graduate, their grammars are spot on. Even, due to the abundant of essays submitted to the lecturer, lecturer picks out the first class students’ write-up because he/she might also learn. This is also important if you want to be like these personalities.
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  1. First class honours students always want to know everything: There is a similar mentality among first class students.
    Most of them will ensure all the topics discussed in their various classes are well understood to the apex of their knowledge.
    If there is any topic they lack knowledge about, they will always want to learn from others. They do not mind to be your friend because of a paragraph.

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Help Others By Sharing This Article


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