EdTech Startups in Nigeria Revolutionizing Learning

EdTech Startups in Nigeria Revolutionizing Learning

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Educational technology is one of the fastest growing part of digital technology all over the world. Its usefulness cut across every part of the world – from the developed countries to the developing part of the world. Educational technology also known as ‘EdTech’ is one of the many ways education is being made easier and accessible to everyone. Of course, all you may need are just a smart phone, internet connectivity and an uninterrupted power supply to start learning or tutoring.

EdTech startups in Nigeria in recent years have witnessed great growth. Some of these EdTech startups have lived up to expectation by revolutionizing learning in Nigeria. In fact, in a third world country like Nigeria, EdTech startups should be vaunted for the positive changes they have been able to trigger. Challenges abound, there are challenges these startups must have witnessed. Among others are the rate of illiteracy and lack of power supply. In the presence of these challenges, there are Edtech startups that have been able to do exceptionally well.

The education industry in Nigeria is one of the many industries enjoying the presence of technology. We have gone past the days where attending classes is important, all thanks to Mr. Technology. It should be pointed out that EdTech has gone beyond just making learning easy. It has grown up to serve as a source of many benefits. Technological innovations in this sector have provided us with multifarious opportunities – assisting schools in their processes, providing job opportunities for teachers and capable students.

Here in this write-up is an extensive list of EdTech startups in Nigeria revolutionizing learning and the service they offer. This list is arranged in no particular order. Note that this list is extensive and not exhaustive. Here are some of the EdTech startups in Nigeria:

10 EdTech Startups in Nigeria Revolutionizing Learning

1.  Pass.ng

Pass.ng was the winner of The Future Awards Africa Prize for Education in 2017. This stresses the impact the startup has had on the education industry in Nigeria. There is hardly a student who doesn’t know pass.ng. This is because it is a self-testing platform that allows students to practice computer based test.

Samson Abioye is the CEO of the fast-rising startup. In an interview, he claimed he got the idea for those who sit for national exams and fail in Nigeria. He was joined by some of his friends.

The platform allows students to practice questions for free. However, you may need to pay after some free practice. It is student friendly.


The fact that this startup will save you the stress of getting your transcript from your institution is inviting. There have been a lot of positive reviews from people who patronized them.

 ETX-NG is the digital credentials management platform in Nigeria, delivering excellent support services to students whilst and providing digital exchange services to tertiary institutions in Nigeria. 

This startup is largely revolutionizing education in Nigeria.

3. PrepClass

PrepClass serves as a link between a student and a tutor. They offer opportunities for capable individuals to tutor for cash. It provides learner and the teacher a place to meet and have a physical exchange of knowledge.

PrepClass as one of the fast rising startup also take into consideration the welfare of the learner and the teacher. For instance, PrepClass requires a nanny to be present if the learner is between the age if 4-8.

From the aforesaid, I need not stress the extra caution the startup exercises in its operations.

4. ProTeach

With ProTeach, you can become a tutor or look for a tutor. These services are the main concentration of this startup. ProTeach alongside PrepClass, is one of the many EdTech startups revolutionizing learning in Nigeria.

All one needs to do is to logon to their website and register for the service you would like to be offered.

They are organized.

5. ScholarX

The goal of ScholarX is to fund education in Africa. They solve issues of access to fund. Hence, they have impacted many lives by bringing opportunities close to them.

They believe education shouldn’t be hindered by lack of fund hence the establishment of the startup. Doing well and functioning, ScholarX still has a huge role to play in the EdTech industry in Nigeria.

At scholarX, you register and state the reason you need fund and how soon you need it. Interesting.

6. SchoolsCompass

This startup is where parents choose the ideal school for their kids. They are a group of parents who are passionate about quality education for children of school age.

Since parents want to get the best school for their children, it is pertinent for them to check their financial capability. Hence, SchoolCompass helps to locate the ideal school that best marches the pocket of the parent without compromising quality in education.

SchoolCompass is structured such that parents can select a particular school based on their budget, location of the school, curriculum, facilities, etc. Parents can also compare between selected schools so as to make informed decision.

SchoolCompass is located at Lekki.

7. Tuteria

Tuteria helps parents put their kids ahead academically by providing them with a tutor near them. This EdTech startup is solely dedicated to improving knowledge in Children.

Also, the platform allows passionate individuals to apply for a teaching job. Here, you can also teach about beauty and lifestyle. Such is the willingness of Tuteria to improving EdTech.

This is the reason expert in the industry claimed Tuteria is one of the EdTech startups in Nigeria improving and revolutionizing learning.

It was established in 2013.

8. W3tutor

This startup which is revolutionizing learning in Nigeria teaches willing students the in-demand skills in the world of technology.

They teach programming language, graphics design, artificial intelligence and other digital skills. They are solely committed to making learning easy in Africa.

It was founded in 2016 by a team of enterprising technologist.

9. Tutor.ng

Tutor is one of Africa’s most robust learning platform, which provides tools for engaging and tutoring learners all over the world.

You not only learn about education. Their services span across entrepreneurship, lifestyle, language etc.

This EdTech startup offers flexibility – you can be a learner while also teaching skills you can handle confidently.

10. Efiwe: Efiwe is a platform established by Philip Alabi, a native of Nigeria. Efiwe is dedicated to the collection of college textbooks throughout the United States and the distribution of those textbooks to post-secondary institutions in Africa.

Who would have thought such textbooks will be seen in Nigeria if not for Philip. Philip collects book from donors and send to Africa.

These EdTech startups in Nigeria is a thing of joy to the bookworms. Of course, it is revolutionizing learning in Nigeria and the entirety of Africa.

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