Covid-19: Remote learning model state governments should implement

Covid-19: Remote learning model state governments should implement

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Where online learning is simply not a viable option, television and radio, which can be paired with additional learning materials such as text messaging supplements/reminders, digital downloads, low-cost newspaper inserts to maximize student engagement, should and must be considered.

The only state that has been able to implement this model in Nigeria is Ogun State. It is a smart move from the government.

This initiative would see the transmission of digital classes for primary and secondary school students, to compensate for the time lost due to the closure of schools.

Every states across the country should implement this model of remote learning.

Radio can be used to deliver the curriculum in an engaging and interactive way, by asking learners to react to questions and exercises through verbal response.

This medium reaches a wide audience and no prior skills are needed by caregivers/students.

This is particularly useful in settings where other connectivity options are unavailable and education radio stations exist.

Once established, radio programming schedules must be communicated to reach the appropriate audiences.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that only primary and secondary school students may be able to benefit from this model since they follow a strictly laid down syllabus.

Tertiary institutions may find it really taxing to put this into practice.

Television is the fastest way to deploy lecture-based classes, as high-quality teachers can be recorded without much additional training.

Television can be used in multiple forms, including on-demand (prerecorded lessons) and edutainment.

Students can then watch recordings or re-runs of these lectures, providing an opportunity for them to review or catch up if they missed anything.

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