3 Steps for Aptitude Test Success from JobTestPrep

3 Steps for Aptitude Test Success from JobTestPrep

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Many employers require job applicants to complete aptitude tests at an early stage of the job application process. These tests are used to ‘weed out’ less suitable candidates. An aptitude test is one that measures a specific skill. Aptitude tests evaluate prospective employees’ skills in areas that are related to job functions. Candidates with high scores on aptitude tests have much better chances of being interviewed and hired. Here are some basic aptitude test tips from JobTestPrep, the leading provider of free and paid preparation for pre-employment tests.

1. Find out as much as you can about the test you’re facing. Here are some essential pieces of information to gather:

  • What skills are measured on the test: verbal, non-verbal, mathematical, situational judgment, other?
  • How does the test measure skills? How many questions are there? Is the test timed?
  • When and Where are you required to take the test? Job aptitude tests may be taken at a company’s offices, at a testing centre or online. Some employers require candidates to take a test at a designated time and place, while others provide a flexible window.
  • Who is the test provider? Knowing the company that produced the test can help you find more accurate simulations for practise.

You can find this information by asking your potential employer or reading posts on public forums. JobTestPrep keeps a comprehensive database of many employers and tests that can match you with suitable test prep materials.

2. Practise to improve your skills and get used to the look, feel and time pressure of the real test. Simulating the real test can help improve your scores, both by learning effective problem-solving strategies and by reducing test anxiety. JobTestPrep offers an extensive selection of PrepPacks™ consisting of online quizzes, test simulations, study guides and videos. You can find the right PrepPack™ based on employer, type of job, skills covered on the test or test provider. 

3. Come to the test well rested, hydrated and fed. Focus only on doing your best and keep your emotions in check. Afterall, you won’t know how well you did until you see your score. Also, be ready for some surprises, as there may be slight differences between the questions you practised and those on the actual test.

About JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep strives to help jobseekers along the path to career success. They do this by developing PrepPacks™ to help prepare candidates across a wide range of industries, positions and skillsets. Their products deliver results because they are thoroughly researched, developed by subject matter experts and updated frequently. Don’t let a test get in the way of your dreams. Start practising today!

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